How To Move Heavy Items Upstairs and Downstairs

One of the biggest challenges about moving furniture and belongs is safely getting the items up and down stairs. While anyone can figure out to how to move certain things on flatland, moving things on staircases is a bit more tricky and should be left to the professionals. Our company not only has the know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently but we have the proper tools as well.

Moving big furniture up and down stairs can require a shoulder harness and two people working together to move it. We always provide the proper about of movers when our services are required to make sure that we’re providing the proper amount of man power.

The technique is slightly different for moving things downstairs than it is moving them upstairs. One trick for moving things downstairs is that you can put a blanket underneath heavy items to help turn the staircase into more of a slide. Of course this still requires that the people moving the item have a firm grip on it as its moved.

We consider ourselves experts in moving belongings of all sizes, but we frequently get summoned as baby grand piano movers. There are a few different shapes and sizes of pianos and each different style requires a slightly different moving tactic. Pianos are a unique items to move since they’re not only extremely heavy items, but they can be odd shaped, and they’re already fragile. Whereas a bookcase might not be affected by a poor moving job, the integrity of a piano can be easily be threatened. It’s an instrument after all, not just a piece of furniture.

One very important thing to keep in mind about moving furniture up and down stairs is the angle that it’s held. In addition to having a slope, stairs can always be a bit narrow which doesn’t always leave a lot of room for the people carrying the item in addition to the item. Getting into the proper position from the get go in crucial since there might not be a lot of room to be switching hand hold spots on the way down.

Tall items like shelves are best carried in a high and low position, where one person takes the heavier low end and the other person holds onto the higher end. This offers more control for the people moving the item, as well as makes it less likely that they’ll bump the furniture into each other as they’re walking. There’s a little more freedom to move. This angle is great for flatland too, but it specifically fits the staircase quite nicely.

Sometimes at the top of bottom of a staircase there will be a corner to contend with, and that requires putting the furniture into a hook shape. Couches should generally be stood up on end before they are hooked around the corners.

Moving items up and down stairs can be tricky, but it’s a pretty straightforward process to movers who are trained and experienced in doing so. We’ve done so much moving that it comes naturally to us which is why were more efficient time wise than the average home owner trying to make a move all on their own. Trust us to get the job done the next time you need to make a move and we’re sure that you’ll be pleased by the service that we offer. 

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