How To Pack A Box With Glass

The moving process has many parts. There’s the packing of the boxes, loading the trucks, the actual drive, and then the unloading and unpacking. It’s no wonder that people dread the process. Lucky for you we not only love the moving process but we do it well, and our services begin with the actual packing process if you need a bit of extra help to do it right.

It’s crucial to properly pack boxes for a few different reasons. For one thing the more efficiently the boxes are packed the faster the moving process will be. The correct size boxes should be used based on the weight of items so that they can be properly carried to and from the truck without splitting out the bottom. The boxes should always be filled to their capacity so that there are fewer boxes to move and make it more likely that everything will fit comfortably into the moving truck.

It’s best when items are packed into boxes with some sort of strategy so that you know what’s in each box and can label the fragile ones as such. If you throw a bunch of random stuff into a box it’s less likely that they will be labeled properly and more likely that things will get broken on the way. Not to mention the fact that unpacking is going to be a lot easier when you know what room the boxes are supposed to be in.

One of the most challenging rooms in the house to pack is the kitchen based on the amount of fragile things in there. Plates, dishes, and vases are all breakable items, and should be packing with the utmost consideration. We have our own specific technique for how to pack glass.

  1. First off, you will want to take some paper and ball it up to create a base in the bottom of the box to create a padded space.
  2. Next you’ll want to wrap up each individual piece of glass or ceramic with it’s own piece of paper to provide a protective layer. When it comes to glasses you’ll want to put some of that paper scrunched up inside the glass as well for extra protection. Then place each piece into the box.
  3. After you pack the items into the box you’ll want to create another protective layer with more paper balls, and then lay a flat piece of paper across the top to form a final barrier.
  4. Finally be sure to label the box as “fragile” so that we and everyone else know to set it down with extra ease.

Always be sure to pack the heavier dish items on the bottom of the box and then the lighter ones on top. So if you’re mixing kitchen items you’d want your dinner plates on the bottom of the box but the more fragile wine glasses at the top. Following this procedure should keep your cups and glass as safe as possible on a move and ensure that you make it to your new location with a fully stocked kitchen. In addition to providing the actual packing service, we’re also happy to provide the packing materials if you need them. In fact, every single one of our out of state moves come with free boxes and materials. Don't hesitate to call or contact us with any questions that you might have about our packing or moving services. We’re happy to help.


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