Laborers In Minneapolis Minnesota

At ProMoov all of our movers are both professional and strong so you know that you’re hiring the best of the best when you settle on our services. We’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and top-notch service around, and we’re confident that you’ll be as pleased with out standards as we are.

We feel that to reflect the professionalism of our company it’s best when our movers dress professionally. That’s why you’ll notice that every single mover that we have on staff will show up looking put together in a button up shirt and tie when reporting for work. But don’t be fooled into thinking that means they’ll be moving slowly along the way. Out movers provide all the muscle that you might need for any type of move and are not afraid to dive in with the careful intensity that’s needed to make a move efficient for all parties.

Our movers have all been carefully trained in the art of moving from the packing and loading stages to the unloading on the other side. It’s out top priority to make sure that our customers are happy, which means keeping all of your items safe during the move, as well as being available to answer any questions you might have along the way. Since all of our movers are carefully trained to follow our moving standards they also will be following safety precautions along the way that tend to relieve some stress from all parties during the move.

In some cases our clients prefer to rent a truck and do some of the packing or unpacking on their own, in which case we will provide all the necessary equipment to do so. Examples of equipment that we always use during a move are two different types of dollies to move large and heavy items and straps to help with moving and securing items within the truck. We will also provide blankets, plastic wrap, and rubber bands to wrap furniture and other belongings with so that they will stay safe while they’re in close proximity within the moving truck.

We’re not only happy to provide tips and advice about how to best pack and load a moving truck, but we’ve detailed some specific ways to do it on our site. We want our customers to be comfortable with the process no matter how extensively they’re relying on our services or not. For example, we’ll explain why we start packing the tuck with the heaviest boxes first and exactly when the mattresses and lamps should be loaded. Of course we’re always up for taking the entire job on our self.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about how we do things or if you aren’t sure whether we provide the exact service that you need. We’re confidant that we do and that we can tell you exactly what you might want to hear about the process. For example, not only do we provide moving services but we can also provide packing services as well. What we provide really just depends upon your needs as the client, and whatever they might be we are always willing and able to help out to the best of our abilities.


Our Pledge

We have dedicated our lives to making your Minnesota move a stress-free transition using unmatchable professionalism.