Long Distance Movers In Minneapolis

When you’re moving between closer distances you can get by by supplementing the moving truck with a few trips of your own if necessary, but when you’re moving long distances this is not an option. Moving long distances requires that the truck is packed correctly the first time by professionals who know what they’re doing. The movers of promoov.com are not trained in how to do this right, but we’re also insured and licensed with an MC license to do so.

It might surprise you to know that most moving companies are not insured and licensed to move over long distances, but its true. The insuring and licensing process costs money that some companies aren’t willing to spend. We on the other hand as Apple Valley long distance movers, know the value of offering a guarantee to our clients so that they’re comfortable with our process from begging to end. When you hire an insured and licensed company like us there is nothing to worry about regarding the technical moving process.

In addition to requiring a payment up front, operating according to the licensing guidelines means that we have to pay close attention to the hours that are spent driving over the long distance. Regulations state that our drivers can only drive 7.5 hours straight before they are required to take a 30 minute break to make sure that they are alert and well. After the 30-minute break our drivers are allowed to put in three more hours within that 24-hour period before they are required to break again for the opportunity to get a full night’s amount of rest. This ensures that our Twin city long distance mover gets your stuff there on time but safely as well.

Since there are limits to the amount of hours our drivers can spend out on the road, it’s extremely important that the trucks are packed properly. When the trucks are packed properly they will only require a single trip for most residences, and there will not be any unforeseen issues along the way like furniture getting loose in the back and starting to rumble around. When our professionals pack our moving trucks they will be able to unload the items at the other side in the reverse order that they were packed to begin with, with no breaks or scrapes along the way.

To really make sure that the truck packing process is done right, you might also consider our Rochester long distance mover to do your packing. We can offer all of the packing products that you might need and have a bunch of tricks for safely packing breakable items as well as making them fit nicely into the appropriate size boxes. Many people don’t realize that different sizes of boxes are for different weights. Packing a giant box full of books could lead the box to bottom out, when really the books should be kept in more compact containers that are easier to lift. The largest boxes are for the lighter items like pillows and blankets.

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