Minnesota Movers

All states see people moving in and out regularly, but each state has a different pattern as to why. Minnesota is an interesting example since it’s been in a phase where domestically more people have been moving out then moving in. Eventually this pattern will require a reversal where people migrate in to take over the jobs that will be vacant by that in point in time. However, while the domestic numbers have been leaving the state, international numbers have been increasing.

In addition to plenty of adults and families coming in and out of the state, there are also a lot of college students coming and going in Minnesota. Any way you look at it there is a lot of moving going on, and we're happy to be one of the best moving companies around to help out in the process of it. Promoov.com can be of service whether you’re moving between homes or businesses within the state or outside of it as well.

No matter where you’re moving we have the equipment and the people to get it done. We offer services for every part of the process from the initial packing stuff up the final unloading of the moving truck and everything in between. When a move in across stateliness we’ll provide free boxes and packing material as well.
We are confident with our packing and moving procedures and always aim to get things done quickly and efficiently while making sure that everything is safe and sound as we do so. While we respect that some people are capable of moving their own boxes, we prefer when you leave the job to us since we consider ourselves experts at the moving process. We will not only deliver boxes and furniture in the condition that they left in, but we can ensure that no humans are harmed in the moving process either.

We always staff the proper amount of movers to make sure that everything can be moved safely. For example it usually takes two people to safely move big furniture up and down staircases, but when it comes to something specific like a piano we like to use three people. We have specific techniques that we follow for moving items up and down stairs as well as how we pack our trucks.

We always load the boxes into the truck first with the heavier ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. Next we bring in the furniture, all of which has been blanket wrapped from top to bottom to make sure that nothing gets scratched along the way. Lastly we bring in the individual items that need to be more carefully placed among the bigger items. We have techniques for keeping things safe such as loading flat screen TV’s between mattresses and are proud to say that we’ve never had one break with that tactic.

Our Minnesota moving team is also licensed and insured to ensure that moving across state lines is done with the proper regulations in mind. There will be no unexpected delays with our moves and we get everything to the new location right on schedule between 24 and 72 hours each time. Hire us for your moving needs and you’ll understand why we consider ourselves the best. In addition to offering great service we also dress our movers in button down shirts and ties for an extra element of quality along with our service.

Our Pledge

We have dedicated our lives to making your Minnesota move a stress-free transition using unmatchable professionalism.