Office Moving In Minneapolis and Edina

ProMoov not only offers moving services for home goods, but we also offer them for businesses as well. Some people can get away with moving their own stuff between homes, but when it comes to businesses there is usually a lot more stuff to be moving as well as a heavier load.

Luckily we have all the tools and manpower that you might need to safely and effectively move all of your goods between businesses, and we consider ourselves the primary choice for moving stuff in Edina Minnesota.

Our movers have experience moving everything from tanning beds to heavy construction equipment, all of which requires a very careful eye and confident strength. Items like tanning beds are not only heavy and large but they can be fragile as well. There is glass and light bulbs involved in their inner workings, and if any of that breaks during a move it would require fixing on the other end which could slow down some of your business plans. We of course would prefer to make sure that they’re always moved safely without incident so that you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Items like heavy construction equipment can also be extremely fragile as well as dangerous for other people in the moving process. The last thing you want is for anything like that to get loose while being transported up or down a staircase. The results could be devastating for anyone around as well as the equipment itself.
Luckily our movers are specially trained to be able to handle stuff like that and our customers can rest assured and feel confident that we have the capacity to move items like that without concern. There is generally a lot more stuff to move in an office or business move then there is in a home, but that mostly depends on the size of the business. We are capable of providing any size truck to ensure the shipment of your goods, even if that requires multiple trips or multiple trucks to get it done.
Our staff at ProMoov is always ready to work so we’ll have no problem providing you with the right amount of man power to get the move done as quickly as possible. We have specific packing techniques such as wrapping goods in blankets and plastic wrap, and then carefully strap them in place within the moving trucks when called for. All of our movers follow the same protocol for loading the moving truck so that the load is even for the drivers as well as protective of the stuff that is being transported inside. Packing a moving truck poorly can be hard on the contents and increase the risk that things might break on the drive.


Our Pledge

We have dedicated our lives to making your Minnesota move a stress-free transition using unmatchable professionalism.