Our Equipment

The following are common equipment that we use.

Shoulder Harness: The shoulder harness allows movers to safely carry up to 700 pounds at a time.

Dollies: We show up to every move with two stand-up dollies and two floor dollies, both of which allow us to move large items with ease. Dollies are great for moving things up and down stairs, as well as into the truck.

Plastic Wrap: We can show you the best ways to use plastic wrap to easily protect your furniture throughout a move.

Moving Blankets: We’ll also demonstrate when to use moving blankets to protect your items and why. They provide an extra layer of padding and can easily be held in place with the plastic wrap.

Rug Runners: We like to use neoprene rug runners to make sure that no sign of the move is etched behind on floors. The seamless path provided by a rug runner also makes using dollies even easier.

Rubber Bands:  Rubber bands are another eco-friendly option for holding moving blankets in place and can sometimes work better than plastic wrap.

Speed Packs: Speed packs are basically giant flattened cardboard boxes that extend the floor space on a dolly. Using them means that we can move more stuff in fewer trips and increase the speed and efficiency of the move.

Easy Pack: The easy pack is an option we provide that makes apartment moving incredibly easy. We provide everything that you might need for a move in one bin, such as blankets and boxes.

Tools: The other tools that we use will vary depending on the move at hand.


Our Pledge

We have dedicated our lives to making your Minnesota move a stress-free transition using unmatchable professionalism.