Edina and Farmington Packing Services

At ProMoov we don’t just move items, we also provide expert packing services to Farmington Minnesota. We realize that not everyone will hire us to do that part of the process but we want to make sure and give you any tips you might need to do it well on your own. The better you can pack your own content at home before we arrive, the easier the loading of the truck and the rest of the move will go as well.
One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re packing boxes is keeping similar items together. This is important for the weight and weight distribution of boxes, as well as for labeling purposed to keep everything in order during the move. Another thing to keep in mind is using the right size boxes based on weight. For example, heavier items like books should be packed tightly within the smaller boxes and never the larger ones.

When heavy items are packed in the larger boxes it increases the weight dramatically and with that the odds that the bottom of the box might split open while it’s being moved. It’s also harder to carry and move large boxes when they’re very heavy. On the other hand, things like pillows can be piled into giant boxes without posing any of those risks or inconveniences.

While there isn’t a lot of technique involved in packing something like pillows, when it comes to fragile items like dishes there most certainly is. The last thing you want to do is spend all the time and money on a move only to arrive and realize that you need to buy a whole new set of dishes for yourself. We have some tried and true ways to cut down on the risk of breaking something as much as possible. To make things easier for you we also provide all of the packing equipment that you might need.
To pack up things like glass of fragile items we first suggest lining the bottom of the boxes with a protective layer of paper. To do this we like to scrunch up balls made out of the paper and then place them on the bottom of the box. Once we’ve done that there will be nice layer with a bit of give to it that allows for some shock absorbtion. Next we suggest wrapping each and every dish and glass in it’s own piece of protective paper. We like to stack out plates upright with the heavier ones on the bottom. Once we fill the box up we like to lay out another level of the paper balls and then top it off with a flat sheet of paper to signify that the job is done.

When the box is closed up be sure and label it as fragile so that you and the movers know that is should be handled with care.  You might even want to label it as “kitchen” so that you know where it should go as soon as you arrive at the new location and prepare for the unpacking process.

Heavy boxes like those filled with ceramic goods are going to be placed in the back of the truck, but we will be mindful with anything labeled fragile so that we don’t stack too many heavy boxes on top of it, just in case. Always know that we use proven tactics for our packing process and that we’re willing to help you out in any way possible.


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