Minneapolis & Farmington Moving Company

There are a lot of reasons why hiring a residential moving service is preferable to doing it yourself. Whether you need long distance movers or are just swapping homes within the town, a Saint Paul moving company can help you get there. A professional moving service is not only going to make sure that your stuff gets to its destination safely, but also that it’s done in an efficient manner.

We pride ourselves on offering a team of movers that are not only good at their job but also enjoy it too. Our movers always dress professionally and can be counted on to act accordingly. Our team has years of experience packing moving trucks safely to ensure that everything inside is protecting as much as possible.

The Packing and Loading Process

Before we load the trucks we make sure that anything is wrapped up that could be breakable or easily scratched. We might use blankets or plastic wrap to wrap up furniture and glass, as well as add some rubber bands if it’s necessary to keep the wrapping on.

Only when everything is sufficiency wrapped do we move on to the loading portion.
We have three different loading styles that we use to pack our trucks, which include a high stack all the way to the door, a low stack, or a hamburger stack.

Generally we’ll start filling the truck with packed boxes while we’re wrapping furniture, and then move on to the portion where we’re packing furniture into the truck. If the truck is tall enough items like couches can be positioned upright, since it’s often preferable to put the larger furniture in that position.

Of course a truck has to be packed not only so it makes sense to close up, but so that everything is safe in it during the drive as well. It’s usually best when the heavier items go on the bottom and the lighter ones go on top. This weight distribution makes it more likely that the items will stay in place. The most fragile smaller items can be loaded last to make sure that their positions are safe for the ride.

This process is quite specific since not only does the weight load in the truck need to be positioned correctly, but you also want to make sure that you fit in as much stuff as possible so that it’s only necessary to take one trip. The last thing you want is added time¬† on the moving day or for your furniture to be slipping and sliding on the move.

The better things stay in place during the moving trip, the easier it’s going to be to unload it on the other side. Less shifting means that you know where everything is according to how it was packed, and also that nothing was unnecessarily battered or rammed around. The unloading process is pretty much just the opposite of the loading process. The smaller delicate items come out first, followed by the furniture, and then the boxes that were placed in the back of the truck first.

When you’re in the market for some Minnesota movers you know where to find us. We’re happy to explain our process further and to answer any questions about the way we do things, including how it can be more cost efficient then trying to make a move on your own. We’re confident that our process is best for the customer and we look forward to each new opportunity to prove it.

Our Pledge

We have dedicated our lives to making your Minnesota move a stress-free transition using unmatchable professionalism.