Farmington Minnesota and Lakeville Storage

In addition to offering moving services we also offer storage services for both vehicles and household goods. Our storage services are offered at competitive prices when compared to companies that only offer storage services, as well as other moving companies.

In addition to offering great storage prices there is also the convenience factor of storing within a moving company. When you are ready to move the goods again we can be available to move them for you, which cuts down on the amount of legwork and communication that you need to do with companies to get the job done.
There are a lot of different reasons why someone might need the services of a storage facility at a moving place. One reason is that there might be a lapse between moves where you stay at a temporary place and await your new home to be ready. When moving between apartment there is often a 30 day notice required and it can be challenging to find the perfect place within that amount of time. Luckily it’s possible to store your things in the interim if you don’t quite find what you’re looking for or need a few days to get things sorted out.

Some people also realize that they don’t have the space in their new home for all of their belongings or that they just don’t want to take everything with them and clutter up the new space. This is when longer term storage options come into play. Many people keep storage units for long periods of time and keep items there that aren’t needed all the time like large collections or seasonal sporting goods and equipment.
Of course it’s important to think about how often you might be accessing your storage unit. If it’s something that you’ll be needing to attend regularly you might want to make sure that it’s convenient to get to on your normal commute or isn’t too out of the way. If it’s something that you’ll be checking in on once a year that does not become as big of a consideration, and something like finding the best price might take precedence over location.


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