What is a Speed Pack


What is a speed pack? (Speedpack)

It’s a thick about Triple the size of a traditional cardboard box. It is a foldable box that you put on the floor dolly. Speed Packs are used for smaller items so you can transport faster by puting these smaller items inside the speed pack then push it down the hallways through elevators and inside customers houses. It also fits through doorways. This works perfect for apartment moves so they go a lot faster.

There are some tricks when using speed packs how do you go down a flight of stairs? You simply use a shoulder harness or ratchet strap and place it underneath the floor dolly which is underneath your speed pack and attach the ratchet strap to both ends of the box so it’s holding the dolly underneath the speed pack. Then use two men and grab each side of the ratchet strap to pick the speed pack up over the stairs. 

 You can buy the Speed Packs at New Haven in Eagan Minnesota for $18 each for the box. We use the nice floor dollies that are $60 each so the box moves around faster and up ramps easier. 


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